Sell My House Fast For Cash Miami (Real or Not?)

Sometimes homeowners need to sell their Miami house fast for cash, whether its foreclosure, problem tenants, bills, or repairs. Everyone’s heard of professional home buyers – but are they legit?

Wondering if you can get a “fair deal” selling your Miami home to a “we buy houses” company? Home sellers in South Florida have been “enjoying hefty profits” in 2017. Many sales are to professional cash home buyers like House Heroes LLC. A real cash home buyer will make a fair cash offer – you just need to do your due diligence to ensure you’re working with a pro.

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Learn to identify trustworthy home buying companies
Identify trustworthy home buying companies.

Signs of a Trustworthy Professional Cash Home Buyer

In October 2015, Realty Today wrote an article “5 Signs Your Cash Buyer Is a Scammer” in the Miami area. According to Realty Today, 5 indications of a trustworthy real estate investor are that the buyer is: (1) local, (2) available, (3) able to provide bank statements or other financial records; (4) not “over eager” in pressuring you, and (5) competent. House Heroes can proudly say we are locally owned and operated in Sunny Isles Beach, always available at (954) 676-1846, gladly show proof of funds bank statement, never pressure you, and have the skill and experience to close fast for cash.

We touched on this topic in our blog Are Florida Cash Home Buying Companies Trustworthy? We echoed Realty Today that trustworthy real estate investors are local, available to speak with, and provide proof of funds. Other considerations include video testimonials, not charging fees, putting down a reasonable earnest deposit, and social proof via online and local real estate industry presence. Ensure the company is Better Business Bureau accredited and not sanctioned by local authorities.

How “We Buy Houses” Companies Work and Reasons To Work With The Pros

We make home sales easy
House Heroes makes home sales simple and easy.

If you’re selling a house in Miami, working with reputable and trustworthy real estate investor like House Heroes LLC is a great option. You give us a call at (954) 676-1846 or fill out form below. We touch base, ask a few questions about the home’s condition. You get a fair cash offer in 24-hours  (based on condition, neighborhood, and investment criteria). We view the home, estimate repairs, and close fast if we’re in agreement. Our process is streamlined to avoid stress.

Working with us offers various benefits. Avoid hassles and headaches. Fast closings with no mortgage drama. Save thousands in realtor fees (Miami Curbed reported Miami agents get 6% commission). No repeat showings to “just shopping around” buyers.

“Contract Bait & Switch” – Common Scam

Unfortunately, many investors will do anything to make an extra dollar. One common technique to squeeze you is to verbally agree to a price, never intending to close, make you wait months, and in the end request a huge reduction. Price negotiation is legitimate after inspection period as repair estimates are formalized. However, a legitimate investor will not wait till the last minute but let you know ASAP upon completion of inspection. Shady investors also sneak in extra contract terms in a lengthy written agreements that weren’t verbally agreed upon.

We always engage in fair dealing, honesty, and transparency. If there is any doubt, we encourage talking to family, attorney, and accountant for tax questions. Many of our satisfied home sellers come back to us because other investors sell them a “too good to be true” offer, cancel, and then we can step in “save the day” and close no matter what the condition.

We Buy Houses

Call Us (954) 676-1846 or Fill Out This Form For Your FAIR Offer.

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