Tips For Selling Your House In The Winter

Myths surround the winter housing market. Homeowners believe it’s impossible to sell their home during the cold season, but that isn’t the case. Although it isn’t the hottest market, there are many reasons the winter is a good time for a house sale, and tips on how to sell quickly.

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Before putting your home on the market, ask yourself a few questions. Is it urgent that you sell now? Urgency creates a necessity to sell. Say you recently purchased a new home, and need the money from your current to lessen the burden. Another scenario is relocating for a job. Both create urgency and need for a winter property sale.

Another question to consider is the supply and demand in your area. Study the market by looking at for sale and recently sold properties. Pay close attention to days on market. If the average days on market are high, the demand to buy is low. On the other hand, if average days on market are low, then the demand is high. Whether you’re selling due to urgency, or high demand, follow these tips to sell your home quickly this winter:

Make Sure the Price is Right

The calm winter market creates unique pricing tactics. Playing it safe is a smart strategy during this season. It’s essential to avoid setting a list price that’s too high because you will price yourself out of the market. The best bet is to price lower than usual, to create more interest in your property; ideally creating a bidding war. Fewer people are looking, so draw as much attention to your house as possible. Price is the first way to get buyers in the door.

Comfort in Climate

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Whether in Florida or Iowa, turn the heat up on frigid days. Don’t make the mistake of lowering heat to save a few bucks. Even frugal homeowners need to spend a little extra warm the house. Warmth creates a welcoming environment. Not only should buyers be warmed by the detail in your décor, but by the comfort in temperature as well. Before the crisp air sets in, ensure your system works properly by examining the HVAC. If the unit isn’t functioning, call a professional to fix it before the first open house. Winter buyers pay close attention to heating and maintenance.

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Capture a Buyer’s Senses

The fastest way to sell is to appeal to a buyer’s emotions. Christmas time is the easiest to take advantage of buyers’ sentiments. One way to do so is by exciting their senses. Imagine walking into a home, and before even opening your eyes you feel the holiday spirit. The scent of sugar cookies, vanilla, and evergreens consume potential buyers. Colder months allow sellers to creatively appeal to senses. Light candles, bake traditional treats or set out bowls of pine cones. Instantly, thoughts of celebrating the season in your house fill their heads. They picture their home filled with family and friends and grow an emotional attachment.

Get in the Holiday Spirit

Make sure a house is warm and well lit for a quick winter home sale.
Make sure a house is warm and well lit for a quick winter home sale.

As mentioned in our blog about selling in the fall, sellers need to take advantage of holiday season décor. Stockings or ornaments hung by the chimney with care will play into buyer’s emotions. Buyers will easily envision themselves spending the New Year in your home if you accent with cheerful reds and silvers. Whether you keep it simple or go all out, take advantage of the season’s sentiments. Add curb appeal by hanging a colorful wreath on the front door, or adding accessories to windows. You’ll sell quickly when a buyer forms a sentimental bond with the property.

Lighten Up the Space

Selling a house during the summer is appealing because it stays light well into the night. December, January, and February have the shortest days of the year. It gets dark before buyers get off work to take a tour. Bring in the light on your own. Luckily, lighting is a huge part of this season. Drape white lights along window seals or mantels for an escaladed ambiance, and warmer feel. Turn on every light in the house to make the space seem airier and more spacious. Even go as far as to light candles and a fire. Do anything you can to combat those drab winter days.

Wintertime is a great time to sell if demand is fairly high, because the supply is low. With less competition, more opportunities to show your home. Due to difficulties that cold weather brings, be aggressive when hitting the market. By following the discussed tips, you can sell your house quickly even in the winter.

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