Selling Your House in Miramar: How To Stand Out In A Buyers Market

Selling your Miramar house in a buyers market?

It’s tough make your home sale stand out. Competition is fierce and people looking to buy property in Miramar have plenty of options.

However, you’ve arrived at the right place! House Heroes has put together info below on how to make your Miramar house stand out. Whether it’s a buyer or seller market, utilizing these strategies will help get your sale done for a fair price!

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Offer Incentives

Want to stand out? Offer incentives your competitors aren’t. Cover the closing costs up front or give credit to fix up the house to their liking before closing. Include furniture or some recreational toys. We’ve have even seen someone throw in a boat! Keep in mind, you will want to give something that makes sense. A burdensome gift is no gift at all! Be creative – people will buy a car because of a free hotel stay. A unique benefit can entice buyers, get attention, and make your listing memorable!

Ms. Tara-Nicholle Nelson, in her article “4 Buyer Incentives that Sell Homes”, discussed the best incentives to get “hard to sell” property sold:

  1. Interest Rate Buy-Down. This is when the seller offers to aware the buyer a certain number of percentage points of the sales price, which in turn brings the buyer’s interest rate down.
  2. Closing cost credit. Home buyers are often scraping the bottom of their savings account barrels to put together down payments, so covering closing costs can be a great financial help to budget conscious buyers.
  3. HOA Dues Credit. HOA dues can be pricey (well over $1,000/month). This can “shock” a new buyer that is moving in, particularly since their move had lots of other costs. Covering 6 months of HOA fees can go a long way to attracting prospective buyers.
  4. Broker Incentives. Savvy sellers can draw the attention of buyer agents/brokers by transferring a percentage point of commission to the buyer’s agent.

Pay for Repairs

You can lure in more house hunters by offering to pay for needed repairs.

Does your house need massive work to impress a buyer? Is the buyer waffling and thinking about pulling their offer to do required repairs? Stop them right there. Offer to pay for repairs right there on the spot. This is sure to win over your buyer and help minimize concern they had about the property condition. Of course, you might want to plan for this going in and price your home accordingly.

Perhaps you’re a Miramar handy-man with some cash in your pocket to pay for home renovations. In this case, doing some cost-effective renovations before selling could get a higher sale price. Common improvements to make a sale easier include patch holes and cracks in walls and ceilings, fix broken appliances and HVAC systems, repair leaky faucets, replace worn or stained carpeting, repaint dark or marrwed walls with neutral paint (not whiere), replace broken window glass, repair the roof, change any out dated light fixtures or ceiling fans, replace old drapes and window coverings, fix code violations.

The Price is Right

Since every listing price changes is recorded on the MLS, prospective home buyers observe the history. They see price history, each change give subtle, subconscious messages about the house. Dropping the price a few grand every couple weeks can make you look desperate or like there is something wrong with the house. You might appear as if you don’t know the actual value of the house and are just fishing for someone to come along and buy. This will shoo away many buyers. If you are going to drop your price, plan on doing it in one bold move. Instead of dropping the price by say $2000, drop it instead by $15,000. This will catch everybody’s attention and will tell people you are ready to sell now. Such a huge drop can be looked at like you would look at a sale. People buy more when they think they are getting 20% off.

If you have to get a Miramar house sold,  you may be wondering, given that impact of changing list price, when should you change list price? Consider if open houses have become a let down – do buyers come in and leave without ever making an offer? Time frame matters – if you haven’t gotten a solid offer in several weeks you are overpriced. You can also look at “how fast” property is moving in the neighborhood and compare that to your own property.

Use the Right Agent

Realtor commission is expensive. If you’re willing to pay thousands, pick the right one.

Sell beware: don’t just pick the realtor with the loudest voice or best website. Don’t fall for the salesman showmanship so many agents employ. Find an agent who immediately provides you with stats, market reports and who will crunch numbers with you until you reach your goals. Realtors that “wow” you with the highest price, will likely be compensating for their lack of knowledge.

According to BankRate, do the following before hiring an agent: talk with recent clients, look up the licensing, pick a winner, select an agent with the right credentials, research how long the agent has been in business, look at their current listings, and ask about other houses for sale nearby. Time’s blog “How Do I Choose the Right Real Estate Agent”:

You want somebody trustworthy who you can rely on. A good agent, will listen carefully to your priorities and won’t waste time on properties that don’t fit the bill. Don’t just call the first agent whose lawn sign you see. Ask friends and family members for references (and check them!). Interview at least three agents to find the one with the experience, skill and personality that matches your needs.

Improve Curb Appeal!

“You only get one chance at a first impression!” People decide to make an offer within the first few seconds of seeing a home. A bad first impression will stick with them as they view the house, and will likely not lead to an offer. The good news is with a little raking, weeding, and planting, your curb appeal improves fast without spending a fortune. Clean up any clutter and pull the weeds. Cut back anything that has become over grown, and plant a few flowers to add a pop of color. Having a welcoming front yard will immediately make people feel like they are at home.

Don’t Be Cheap on Photographs!

Selling your house online lets you show off pro photos to all prospective buyers.

If you are serious about selling in a competitive buyer’s market, spend the money getting good photographs and having a professional stager come in. Bad photos make people pass by your listing, without giving it a second thought. Pictures say a thousand words and you will want to work with a professional photographer who can highlight your home in the best way possible

The Professional Photographer Association found these are the best questions to ask when hiring a photographer. Are you insured? What’s your background and credentials? Can you provide references and may I see your portfolio? What is your photographic style? How many events like this do you photography in a year? Do you have an assistant or second photographer? Fees and delivery timeline? Backup photographer? Backup equipment? Require a written contract?

Once you’ve armed yourself with beautiful photography, make sure the prints get seen! Using the internet to sell a house is great way maximize exposure. Selling a house online has serious advantages in the modern world. You can do real time property research, there are free online resources available at your fingertips, you can find buyers quickly, and you can take your time and control the process.

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