3 Things To Do Before Selling Your Miami Home

There are plenty of moving parts in selling a house in Miami. Preparing the property to be sold is critical to getting lots of interested buyers walking through. To give yourself the best shot at a fast and profitability Miami home sale, make sure you do these 3 things before selling your home.

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Declutter Everywhere!

Declutter the entire home: basement, garage, backyard, attic. Wherever a buyer might look! When a potential buyer comments about your artwork, knick-knacks, posters, action figures – they really mean “I don’t want this here when I move in!” Old gnome statue in the backyard? Christmas decorations you forgot to take down? Rusted gardening tools in the shed? None of this increases re-sale value. Remove any and every eyesore.

The reality is, if you want top dollar, you need to declutter Miami real estate as much as possible. Make the house appear neat and tidy. Any person considering buying the property should envision themselves residing in the home with their own personal objects. Everyone has their own strange collections, tools, and decorations. They don’t care about yours.

If you’re moving out, prepare sooner rather than later. Box up items you don’t need immediately: family photos, wedding china, mug collections, magnets, books. Go through closets and dressers and donate, sell, or get rid of what you don’t need. Essentially, if there is anything on a countertop or shelf, decide whether it needs to be there for the listing photos.

That’s right, this all needs to be done before the listing your Miami property, since the majority of buyers do all research online before they ever walk into a house. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you’ll wait until the open house to declutter – that’s too late!

If you are looking for an online home buyer – and want a cash offer give us a call (954) 676-1846! An advantage of working with House Heroes is only one showing – rather than parading buyers through your home.

Make It Shine!

Would you want to move into a home with someone else’s dirt? No – nobody would. As you declutter, make the house sparkle by removing dust and grime. Check under the sofa, behind curtains, on bookshelves, under beds, in and around appliances, the attic, cabinets. Clean the house top to bottom so prospective buyers have the impression they can kick off their shoes, run around carefree, and not worry about dirty socks.

Start up and work down. Clean ceiling fans, including gunk coating the blades. Remove and clean light fixtures on fans, ceilings, walls. Wash and dry them before utilizing glass cleaner. Clean walls with a mild bleach solution. Sweep, vacuum and mop.

Next, it’s time to address the bathrooms. Grimey bathrooms are a major turn-off. You need to make these sparkless. Don’t just do a quick run through like you have friends coming over for a last-minute backyard barbecue. Clean grout, scrub tubs, remove mineral buildup on shower doors and fixtures. Scrub the toilet so there are no rings or stains. If cleaning isn’t your thing, hire a crew to come and do it for you. It will pay for itself if the bathrooms are spotless.

Keep the entire house in superb condition after your clean-up is complete. Limit home use when possible, make guests take off their shows, don’t host parties. Does it create a mess? Don’t do it. Perhaps everyone only uses a single bathroom to make maintaining your cleaning efforts simple. Close off extra bedrooms so pets and kids don’t create more cleaning work.

Staging for a Fast Miami Sale!

You’re cleaning turned out beautiful! Counters are free and clear of things and totally spotless. “Mr. Clean must live here”! Now is the time to make your home look like what you see on HGTV. Set the dining room table with neutral but nice dishes and placemats. Replace lights so lighting is consistent and bright. Set-up furniture so rooms look open and comfortable. Make beds and hide vanity items (toothbrush, hair brush, combs, hair gel, toothpaste, laundry baskets). Frame windows with light or sheer drapery so beautiful sunlight may enter. Do all this and you have a model house!

Don’t ignore the outside! Everything you do in the house is necessary outside as well. Maintain porches, patios, sheds, lawns open and free from tools, toys, personal items. Clean up landscaping, trim trees, bushes, and shrubs, remove odd or dying plans. Weeds must go! Power wash driveways and walkways and clean the external parts of window frames and glass. Do all of this to ensure your house is picture perfect! Present your property in the best possible light before selling your house in Miami, Florida!

“I Don’t Want To Fix-Up My Miami House!”

Sometimes, you just don’t have the time and energy to do all the little and big projects to prepare a Miami property for sale. If you live out-of-state, dusting, cleaning, and landscaping may very well not be possible. Perhaps you inherited house or were given it by someone who neglected to care for it.

Limited cash? Fixing roofs, air-conditioning, and unsafe structure can cost thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars. Major repairs can take months of your time, while you keep paying taxes, insurance, utilites, and on-going maintenance. Even if you have the spare money to pay for major repairs, do you have the time to manage contractors on a daily basis. If you don’t pay attention to the process, you can end up losing money by making the “wrong repairs” or getting taken advantage of by unmonitored contractors.

If you’d like to sell your Miami property fast for a fair price – without lifting a finger – give House Heroes a call at (954) 676-1846. House Heroes is Florida’s #1 Cash Home Buyer. We guarantee fast cash offers in under 24-hours. Save 6% realtor commission by selling to us. We buy any home – even if it needs massive repairs, work, renovations, re-modeling.

While we would love to buy your property “as-is” fast for cash, keep in mind, someone has to pay thousands in repairs and spend months managing the repair process. As real estate investors, we also need a bit of extra room for some profit (this is how we make our living!). We will take your headache property that’s in need of work and handle everything! But, you won’t get the price you see for model properties on Zillow.

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