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Thinking about selling your vacant land or empty lot?

We’d like to make you a fair all-cash offer.

House Heroes is the top land buyer.

Selling your property to us is easy. No realtors, no lenders, and no wasted time. We buy land in any size, location, price range, or zoning.

If you’re ready to “sell my vacant land”, we will make a fast cash offer!

House Heroes makes selling your vacant land for a fair price easy. Don’t pay realtors or wait months. Click the button below to learn how our “3 Step Land Buying Process” works.

How It Works

How We Buy Vacant Land

House Heroes has a simple “3-Step Land Buying Process” for buying land.

Here’s how it works . . .

contact us vacant landStep One. Call us (954) 676-1846 or fill in our Get My Fair Cash Offer Now! form. We gather info about the address, lot , zoning, and development status to make our best offer.

get my offer vacant landStep Two. We make a fair cash offer. Free and no obligation. Honest “as-is” offers based on local comps. Our offers are never contingent on lenders. We have our own cash: no banks necessary.

close fast vacant landStep Three. Get paid in days, not months. We can close as quickly or slowly as you choose. Effortless and hassle free process. No realtor fees, no “for sale” signs, no online listings.

Selling land with a real estate agent is never this easy. Agents make you sign a “listing agreement” granting the exclusive right to sell your land. You pay commission – even if you find the buyer.

Want a fair offer for your land? Wondering how much we can pay? Our offers are cash, no obligation, and as-is. You pay zero real estate agent commission. Just click the button below for your offer!

Get My Cash Offer

The Premier Vacant Land Buyer

Want to work with a trustworthy, honest, and experienced cash buyer?

House Heroes has got you covered!

we-buy-vacant-landWe’ve been buying vacant land for over 5 years. We can buy fast in any zoning, geography, lot size, and level of development.

We are Better Business Bureau accredited and have plenty of client testimonials. Five-star Google, Facebook, and Yelp Reviews. House Heroes is an expert resource for companies including Time, Trulia, Realtor, U.S. News, and Investopedia.

BEWARE! Not all “cash buyers” are able to buy your vacant land or empty lot. Make sure you work with a pro. Contact us anytime if you have questions or check out our blogs Value of Vacant Land and Do’s and Don’ts of Selling Land.

Lands House Heroes Purchased

We don’t want to just tell you we buy land. We want to show you. Let’s look at some examples . . .

10020 SW 182 Street.  Ms. Karla Jenkins needed to sell her land. It was 6,500 square feet and zoned up to two stories. We made a cash offer and closed in a few weeks. Take a look at the lot below.

vacant land 1

807 S Rio Vista Blvd. The owner contacted us in late 2017 to sell her land. It was a luxury single-family area. We made our cash offer and negotiated a fair price for the land. Check out the overview below.

vacant land 2

There is more info about House Heroes on our site. Check it out!

What To Know Before Selling Land

Selling vacant land is harder than already built properties. The value is in potential use. Figuring out permitted construction requires consultation with developers, builders, architects, zoning attorneys, city officials, and the zoning board. This process costs thousand takes months.

You save time and money by selling your vacant land to House Heroes. Don’t got cash to pay an architect? We pay for construction plans during due diligence. Live far away and can’t consult with local builders? House Heroes has a real estate professional network to expedite vacant land sales.

Even if you can’t take all the steps to determine what may be built on the lot, there is some simple info you can figure out on your own before selling:

  • Zoning. Zoning governs how land may be developed. These rules and regulation determine land use (residential, commercial, industrial) as well as building specifications (area, lot coverage, dwellings per acre). Zoning is set forth by cities and counties. See zoning regulations here.
  • Dimensions & Positioning. Zoning alone doesn’t determine property use – consider size, shape, and geographic positioning. Prime corner lot? Great for building. Land-locked behind another property? Little to no value. Square shape’s are buildable, while long and narrow parcels may not be.
  • Local Vacant Land & New Construction Comps. Vacant land comparables are sparse, but check out local sales, as well as new construction comps.
  • Contact The City & Zoning Board. Local building change fast. Online records are often not up to date. Reach out to the local city officials and zoning board to discuss recent changes in the area.

House Heroes makes it easy to “sell my vacant land” or “empty lot”.

Ready for your fair cash offer? Just fill in our simple form by clicking here or call us at (954) 676-1846 for your fair, hassle-free, no obligation cash offer!

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