Need to Sell your Vacant Land?

We buy vacant land and empty lots. No realtor commission or fees. ANY location, price, situation. Residential, commercial, industrial.

Fair and fast cash offer.

Need to sell your vacant land or empty lot? Want to save thousands realtor fees? You’ve come to the right place! Just fill out the form above or give us a ring at (954) 676-1846. We guarantee fair cash offers, easy sale, and hassle-free closings on any land.

YOU Can Benefit by Selling Your Vacant Land To House Heroes:

  • Close on your schedule and time-frame.
  • FAIR CASH OFFER in 24-hours.
  • We pay closing costs.
  • Any Situation. Back taxes, Violations, Probate.
  • Any Land. Residential, commercial, industrial.
  • Save 6% realtor commission.
  • “A”rated with the Better Business Bureau!
  • CASH RESERVESbank statement.
  • Proven to satisfy property sellers.

Need to Sell Your Vacant Land?

We buy vacant land and empty lots. Fair cash offers. No realtor fees. Provide us a bit of info to get started.
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Or Give Us A Call Now At: (954) 676-1846

Proven Cash Buyers That Actually Can Buy Your Land

House Heroes has cash and experience to close on any United States property, whether it’s vacant land, empty lots, houses, apartments, or condos.

Don’t take our word for it. Proof of funds showing our cash reserves is available.

Watch this testimonial from Craig Meeks proving we go above and beyond for our clients. According to Craig, “I needed to sell my house in Ft. Lauderdale, so I called House Heroes. They called me right back, and we negotiated a deal over the phone. About 15 days later, we closed on the property. House Heroes purchased the home and I got my cash. If you have property you want to sell, please call House Heroes. They are trustworthy and will treat you right.”


How We Buy Vacant Land

House Heroes has a simple process for buying vacant land and empty lots. Whether it’s residential, commercial, or industrial, we guarantee fast and fair cash offer, honest, transparency, and response. Our company makes selling property effortless.

Here is our simple three-step process:

Sell-My-Vacant-LandStep 1: Contact House Heroes anytime at (954) 676-1846 or the online form. We’re available to chat when it works for you, including nights and weekends. We ask a few basic questions about the parcel and current situation.

Step 2: Get your fair cash offer in 24-hours. We research the neighborhood: including new construction, older buildings, and vacant land comps. We make our highest and best offer. Our offers are good going forward.

Step 3: Easy closing. No realtor commissions or fees – save thousands! When you’re going the real estate agent route, it is a long drawn out process. Many realtors do little to nothing to help sell your land. Our cash offers make selling empty lots headache free. Sit back and collect your check!

Once you get your cash for your vacant, House Heroes flies into action! We put together architectural plans, consult with developers and builders, then work with the municipality to get the plans approved. We love challenging real estate projects – and new construction is tough as it comes.

See visual proof that House Heroes makes fair cash offers on properties that need consideration renovation and construction. We bought an abandoned house on NW 41 Street that had wrecked flooring, damaged walls, collapsed and leaking roof, debris, spray paint, missing windows, vegetation growing throughout the property. Four “investors” had already backed out after walking through the property. It was scary! Check the video . . .


What To Know Before Selling Vacant Land

Selling vacant land is a bit harder than already built properties. The value of vacant land is in potential use, and figuring out permitted construction requires consultation with developers, builders, architects, zoning attorneys, city officials, and the zoning board. This process costs thousand takes months . . .

You save time and money by selling your vacant land to House Heroes.

Don’t got cash to pay an architect for blueprints? We pay for construction plans during due diligence. Live far away and can’t consult with local builders and developers? House Heroes has a real estate professional network to expedite vacant land sales.

Even if you can’t take all the steps to determine what may be built on the lot, there is some simple info you can figure out on your own before selling:

  • Zoning. Zoning governs how land may be developed. These rules and regulation determine land use (residential, commercial, industrial) as well as building specifications (area, lot coverage, dwellings per acre). Zoning is set forth by cities and counties. See zoning regulations here.
  • Dimensions & Positioning. Zoning alone doesn’t determine property use – consider size, shape, and geographic positioning. Prime corner lot? Great for building. Land-locked behind another property? Little to no value. Square shape’s are buildable, while long and narrow parcels may not be.
  • Adverse Possession or Easements. Know what is happening on your empty lot selling. Has a neighborhood been using this land for the last few years? Is the government developing utilities? Would new construction block another person’s access to their property? There may be adverse possession or easements in these scenarios. Consult with a local attorney.
  • Local Vacant Land & New Construction Comps. Vacant land comparables are sparse, but check out local sales, as well as new construction comps.
  • Contact The City & Zoning Board. Local building change fast. Online records are often not up to date. Reach out to the local city officials and zoning board to discuss recent changes in the area.

House Heroes makes selling your vacant land. Cash offers in 24-hours, transparency, hassle free closings. We bought property from Mr. Lawrence Kyte and he said: “House Heroes was diligent, hard working and professional. They purchased the property for cash, on time and without delay. I recommend that if you need to sell a home for cash, on an expedited basis, you would favorably consider using House Heroes.”

Need to Sell Your Vacant Land?

We buy vacant land and empty lots. Fair cash offers. No realtor fees. Provide us a bit of info to get started.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Or Give Us A Call Now At: (954) 676-1846

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