Selling My House Fast in Fort Lauderdale

Need to sell a house fast in Fort Lauderdale? If you’re saying… “I’m having a tough time selling my house fast” … you’ve arrived at the right blog post!

These tips will help you get property sold fast, quick, swiftly, rapidly, on the double!

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Selling My House Fast in Ft. Lauderdale – Options

The mortgage finance world is unpredictable. Lenders change rules, regulations, and requirements at the drop of a hat. This has a substantial impact by delaying your Fort Lauderdale property sale. If the bank declines the mortgage it can halt the sale altogether. This is a problem when dealing with prospective home buyers relying on traditional mortgages.

Remember anyone can write a cash offer, even if they’re borrowing cash to buy the house. If you are selling through a realtor to an end buyer, prepare yourself that if financing falls through you will be forced to start the sale process from the beginning. This is frustrating: adding months to the process, on-going tax, insurance, maintenance, utilities payments.

Avoid the “trap” of a buyer backing out at the closing table. Do this by working with a cash investor like House Heroes LLC. We maintain cash reserves to purchase any property fast for cash: no headaches. Simple closings. Investors like us, have access to several lines of credit with private lenders secured by real estate assets.

Here’s the bottom line: we close quick since we don’t wait for a bank loan approval to come through. Your sale gets done and cash in your pocket.

Don’t forget to engage in due diligence to ensure you’re dealing with a qualified investor. Here are ways to verify an investor is legitimate: request bank statement proof of funds, Better Business Bureau accreditation, social media presence, online testimonials and reviews, membership with professional real estate organizations. Qualified investors have no issue providing access to bankers and references who verify ability to close. Check out our blog “Are Florida cash home buying companies trustworthy?” for our full set of tips and explanations.

Be aware if you’ve accepted a cash offer with an earnest money deposit, and the purported “buyer” attempts to terminate the contract after the inspection period concludes, you are often entitled to keep the deposit.

How To Get A Cash Offer On Fort Lauderdale House
Call us for a fair cash offer for your Ft. Lauderdale house!

But how do you get cash offers fast?

There are several ways to get a fast cash offer for real estate in Fort Lauderdale. The simplest is to contact a professional cash home buyer directly.

House Heroes guarantees fair cash offers in under 24-hours. Give us a ring at (954) 676-1846! What do we do after we buy house? We buy them, repair/remodel if necessary, then flip the property or hold as a rental. Google “sell my house fast” and find other investors that could give a cash offer.

Another option to for a cash offer is to list your house for sale on the MLS. This has the benefit of extra exposure. Unfortunately, MLS listings come with downsides. You either need to pay a realtor 6% commission on sale price, or several hundred for flat-fee listing. In either case, you need to arrange for showings with people just “looking” and the process takes months (even more with the financing issues mentioned above!)

Reasons Fort Lauderdale Owners Need to Sell Fast

Are you unsure if you should sell fast – or hold out for the highest price? House Heroes speaks with home sellers making this decision on a daily basis. It’s a tough: everyone wants to sell for as much as possible. That said, putting off your sale for months hunting higher offers robs you of on-going holding costs. If there is a major repair needed, you can lose money altogether.

Here are top reasons Ft. Lauderdale home sellers should consider selling quick:

Reasons Need To Sell Fort Lauderdale House Fast
Probate, repairs, late mortgage, problem tenants, and vacancy are reasons to sell fast.
  • Poor Condition. House needs major renovations? Address this as soon as possible. If the local municipality learns of property defects, you may be issued fines that pile up over time. Additionally, it can cost a lot of money and time to renovate a fixer-upper. Don’t have thousands to put into repairs? Busy with work? Live far away? Not experienced managing contractors? If you answer YES to most these questions, you probably should sell your bad condition Fort Lauderdale house fast.
  • Inherited House. You didn’t choose property you inherited. You most likely don’t live at the house. Probate real estate is frustrating because, once you take ownership, you need to take over paying holding costs. Probate houses often are in disrepair because the elderly person was not able to effectively maintain. If you live far away and are stuck with unwanted inherited property, consider selling quick.
  • Behind on Mortgage. This is a biggie. The consequence of not paying your mortgage is the bank comes knocking via foreclosure to take your Ft. Lauderdale house from you. You can cash foreclosure offer and use the sale proceeds to pay off the mortgage. Don’t let the bank foreclose, take your property, leaving you in the cold without a penny.
  • Problem Tenant/Eviction. Tenant not paying rent? Damaging the property? Lease violation? You need to file eviction – but forced tenant removal is stressful and costs thousands of dollars. You may need an attorney if you’ve never evicted a person. You may have regular monthly payments and were counting on the tenant rent to keep up. Where a tenant quits paying rent, you can risk losing the home in the foreclosure.
  • Vacant Property. Keeping vacant property is a risk. If the house is damaged, nobody is around to see it. Small problems become big problems. Squatters move in if you aren’t paying attention (particularly in warm climates like Fort Lauderdale). It’s expensive to make double payments (why pay for property you are not utilizing).

House Heroes LLC specializes in buying fast. We purchase handymen, unwanted inherited, behind on mortgage, and problem tenant houses. “As-is”. We are problem solves and provide you the best possible outcome no matter the situation.

We Buy Houses

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